About Us

Founded by Jamie Herlihy in 2016, Desmond School of Performing Arts has developed into a centre of excellence for music and drama. On completing a Masters in Drama in Education at Trinity College Dublin, Jamie has devoted his energies to the development and management of the school and the provision of an arts-based education, not just focused on performance, but also promoting recreation and entertainment in Newcastle West.

Since then, the school has grown into an exciting hub of self-expression and comradeship where all students’ individual talents are encouraged and nurtured. This is largely due to the highly qualified and enthusiastic teams of tutors that have joined and shared their expertise, skills and passion for performance. Their commitment and dedication is fundamental to ensure a positive experience for each young person. Pupils from as young as four years are eligible to take part in the courses that we offer across vocal, instrumental and musical theatre disciplines. Each year the school builds upon the last and we now have an array of successful productions under our belt as well as success in examinations with the London College of Music.

The team are exceptionally proud of each of our students as over the years, we witness them hone their craft and pursue different genres of music and performance. We currently have two diploma students studying Musical Theatre and many young people who dream of being a professional performer in the future. Many students will go on to use the skills attained at Desmond School of Performing Arts in their careers. Although others may not, the positive friendships and memories gained will last a lifetime.

“It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures”- Oprah. As well as advancing each student to their full potential, our team is also aware of developing the self-confidence of each young person. It is through the enthusiastic and active learning environment fostered at Desmond School of Performing Arts that students are given such opportunities to explore their own ideas and form an awareness of the world around them. Such self-confidence opens a gateway of opportunity for the rest of their lives.

Jamie wishes for this positive atmosphere to continue in the years ahead and invites you to explore what we offer and become a part of this shared experience.